LED Lighting

Whether it’s for additional lighting in the home, to illuminate a workplace or showcase products in a retail display, there is an LED light fitting for the job.

As well as being functional, many LED light fittings can add a touch of style to any room. As with all LED lights, their long lifespans and energy saving qualities make them a good investment. Our buying guide to LED downlights may help you find what you’re looking for.

There is a lot more demand for LED lights than the regular fluorescent bulbs today. This is due to high efficiency and longer life expectancy of the LED lights. LED lights were used for colored lightings (being more directional) but today they are replacing household lamps and higher watt bulbs and some claim that LEDs emits more light with low watt capacity when compared to the regular ones.

Other than the efficiency and life expectancy there is much more to LED lights. There are different lighting types of LED lights based on the use like dimmer switches, LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED spot lights, Dimmer tubes each having its own purpose. Every light has a specific base that is responsible for the uniqueness of the light. When using in a household, the most probable bulb used is white light bulb, where as colored LED lights are used for commercial purposes, this way each light differs in its making and application.