Intruder Alarms

Whether you are considering an Intruder Alarm System for insurance purposes, or simply for peace of mind, you need expert advice to assess the risk to your property and business and to specify the most cost effective, efficient and straightforward way to protect against intrusion.

Modern Intruder Alarm Systems combine common building blocks, but these need to be located and programmed to suit your individual needs and office hours:

  1. A central control unit with full rechargeable battery back up.
  2. One or more keypads to arm and administer the system.
  3. A programmed entry and exit route to arm and disarm the system safely.
  4. Intruder detection devices i.e. movement detectors or vibration sensors.
  5. Local warning devices i.e. sounders and strobes.
  6. A remote signalling device for central station alert.